Ketamine Addiction Treatment Hong Kong

Ketamine Addiction Treatment Hong Kong

Why Hong Kong Residents Find Effective and Affordable Treatment for Ketamine Addiction at The Cabin Hong Kong

There have been a worryingly high number of ketamine arrests, overdoses and seizures in Hong Kong over the last few years, which suggests that there is an alarming increase in the use of the drug in the city – and in turn, an increase in ketamine addiction. Reports suggest that ketamine usage in Hong Kong residents under 21 years of age has increased 57% in four years.

The price and availability of the drug make it particularly attractive to young people and students. A gram of ketamine costs 13$HK, and can be shared by two people, whereas cocaine, for example, sells at about 103$HK for a gram, which will generally just be enough for individual use. This means the drug is affordable for adolescents, and there has been a worrying trend of school children caught taking and distributing the drug which frequently leads to dangerous ketamine addiction. To try and combat the trend and get on top of the problem before it completely spirals out of control, Hong Kong police have, for the first time ever, started randomly testing for ketamine in schools around the country.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an anesthetic meant for medical use in both people and animals. When taken, it puts the user into a dream-like euphoric state that lasts around two hours. Long-term use of the drug, stemming from a developed ketamine addiction, can have adverse effects on the cognitive functions of the brain, and organs can be damaged.

Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse

The effects of ketamine do not last very long, but it is often very noticeable when someone takes the drug. One of the biggest signs of ketamine use is that the user does not react to pain. The drug tends to slow users down, making their movements exaggerated, or it may appear that they are moving in slow motion. Slurred speech and confusion are also very common, along with the following:

  • Disorientation
  • Feelings of detachment/ dissociation
  • Hallucinations
  • Slowed or difficult breathing
  • Mood changes
  • Depression
  • Impaired ability to think or learn
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Memory impairment

Ketamine addiction is a serious problem, and if you or someone you love has developed an addiction, it is best that you seek professional assistance.

Types of Treatment for Ketamine Addiction

The two most common types of ketamine addiction treatment are inpatient and outpatient addiction rehab facilities. For those who must remain at home in order to manage family and work obligations, outpatient addiction treatment is recommended. For those suffering from a more severe addiction, or who are able to spend some time away from home, residential rehab would be recommended.

Effective Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Hong Kong

Our staff at The Cabin Hong Kong are highly trained professionals who offer clients the best treatment possible. Our clients are able to select the times that they would like to attend their sessions, thus they can plan their treatment to have as little effect on their work and social schedules as possible.

Our ketamine addiction treatment programme includes group support meetings, one-on-one therapy, medical advice and assistance, as well as family therapy if the patient wishes to include their family in the treatment process. Ketamine addiction treatment revolves around a plan known as the Recovery Zones, which is used by all of our treatment facilities worldwide. It combines the best parts of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and the well-known 12 Steps to offer an effective and comprehensive treatment plan for all of our clients.

If any client requests full-time residential care, or if their addiction has become so out of control that they have ‘lost it all’ or simply cannot manage day-to-day tasks, we can easily admit them to our inpatient facility, The Cabin Chiang Mai.

Cost of Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Hong Kong

Outpatient addiction treatment is by far the most cost-effective option, but it is important to keep in mind that cost should not be the most important factor when deciding which treatment centre is best for you or your loved one. It is very important to find not only a facility which has the experience and expertise to assist you or your loved one through recovery from ketamine addiction, but also a facility in which you feel comfortable.

Will Insurance Pay for Treatment?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is very often ‘yes’. Each insurance plan is different, however, so it is important that you speak to our admissions counsellor about your particular plan before booking an appointment if you require it be covered.

Residential Rehab for Ketamine Addiction at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Residential addiction treatment at The Cabin Chiang MaiOur facilities at The Cabin Chiang Mai are set in the serene, forested foothills of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Our rehabilitation centre combines clinical care from the West and friendly hospitality from the East to create a uniquely supportive environment for inpatient treatment.

At The Cabin Chiang Mai we also use the Recovery Zones treatment method which has given us a 96% programme completion rate. While we do focus on the physical and medical well-being of our patients, it is not our sole focus, and we also offer holistic exercises that will help get both the mind and the body of our patients healthy. The Cabin Chiang Mai offers a safe and discreet facility for Hong Kong residents to start their new lives in recovery.

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