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Alarming rates of internet addiction disorder have been documented in Hong Kong, especially among young people. Internet is always just a button-push away via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers and has infiltrated a large quantity of modern day-to-day activities. Many people spend a significant portion of their day online either for work, leisure or both. And because using the internet has become so common, it can be difficult to draw the line about what constitutes addiction. If you or a loved one’s internet behaviour is causing interpersonal, work or school distress, you may need to seek professional help.

Types of Internet Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease of dependence on a substance or process (such as internet use) to achieve normal feelings of pleasure in the brain’s reward centres. It is important to note that there are several sub-categories of internet addiction, which include the following:

  • Smartphone/technology addiction
  • Online gaming addiction
  • Social media addiction
  • Internet gambling addiction
  • Cybersex addiction

Internet gambling addiction and cybersex addiction can also fall under gambling addiction or sex addiction, respectively, but it is important when seeking treatment to note that both are internet-based instead of ‘real life’ actions.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Because internet use is so heavily ingrained in daily life, it is difficult to know when your time online has crossed over into risky behaviour for internet addiction. The following symptoms of internet addiction can help you assess your screen time:

  • Frequently losing track of time online
  • Preferring to spend time online rather than with family and friends
  • Decreased productivity at work or school due to internet use
  • Family and friends complain about amount of time spent online
  • Fantasizing about the next time you can get online
  • Losing sleep due to internet use
  • Defensive or secretive about time spent online
  • Irritability, moodiness or depression when not online
  • Internet is used as an escape from feelings or situations

If internet use is causing any negative consequences in your life and you are still unable to cut back on the time you spend online, you may have an internet addiction and could benefit from treatment.

The Cabin Hong Kong can conduct an assessment to help you determine if you or your loved one has an internet addiction, and can guide you along the best path to treatment and recovery.

Why Many Choose The Cabin Hong Kong for Internet Addiction Treatment

The Cabin Hong Kong employs an experienced team of addiction specialists trained to help people recover from a wide range of substance and process addiction disorders. Our English language services are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, and are especially effective at helping overcome process addictions such as internet addiction, where complete abstinence is not possible in today’s modern world.

Located near Hong Kong’s Central MRT station, The Cabin provides convenient and accessible outpatient addiction treatment to busy Hong Kong residents.

Offering the Latest in Treatment for Internet Addiction

Internet addiction disorder is a new development in the world of addiction. The Cabin Hong Kong uses a unique treatment programme called Recovery Zones which integrates all the best evidence-based addiction practices into one advanced method. Clients learn how to manage their addiction through phases of active, dangerous, and recovery zones.

Our addiction counsellors are highly trained and accredited and have decades of combined experience treating clients both in Hong Kong and worldwide.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment for Internet Addiction

The outpatient nature of The Cabin’s services means that clients can attend convenient addiction treatment for 6 to 12 weeks while maintaining work and other obligations. The Cabin Hong Kong offers private and group counselling – both of which are integral pieces of a successful addiction treatment programme.

In order to meet the needs of even the busiest clients, we offer a flexible schedule with counselling sessions available outside of normal working hours. Your daily life will barely be disrupted while receiving treatment.

However, in the case that the addiction is significantly impairing your work or home life, you may need the retreat of a residential rehab with limited access to addiction triggers. These clients will be fast-tracked to our residential rehab centre located just a short flight away in Chiang Mai, Thailand – The Cabin Rehab.

Is Addiction Treatment Expensive?

The Cabin strives to provide world-class addiction treatment at a price point that is affordable. Outpatient addiction treatment is definitely the most cost-effective option, however it is important to not only consider cost, but the qualifications and experience of the counsellors involved. In many cases, addiction treatment will be covered under your insurance plan, so be sure to speak to our admissions counsellor about your particular plan before booking a session. 

The Cabin Residential Rehab

The cabin rehabSome clients require a more intensive level of care, in which case a counsellor will recommend inpatient treatment at our sister facility. A leading residential treatment centre, The Cabin Chiang Mai has successfully treated many clients suffering from internet addiction. Located amidst a serene tropical landscape, The Cabin Rehab offers internationally renowned treatment in a resort-style location.

This inpatient rehab facility allows our clients the opportunity to get away from their daily lives where they may find it difficult to cut down their internet use. Some clients who attend The Cabin Hong Kong will spend a week or two here before continuing treatment at the outpatient centre. Western-trained counsellors and psychologists provide clients with the treatment and tools needed to obtain lasting addiction recovery. The programme consists of mindfulness practices, fitness therapy and our integrative Recovery Zones treatment method which offers clients an individually tailored and well-rounded experience.

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