It can be difficult to know where to go for addiction treatment when you feel that you might be addicted to drugs and alcohol in Hong Kong, While other countries have plentiful options that can help you quit substances, choices in HK are a little more limited.

In this blog, we look at where you can get treatment for substance abuse in Hong Kong and also suggest alternative options that can help you stop using alcohol and drugs.

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Inpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse in Hong Kong

There are a few options when it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Hong Kong. These fall into two distinct categories.

Compulsory Rehabilitation

Compulsory rehabilitation programs in Hong Kong are run by the Correctional Services Department. They provide mandatory treatment for drug-dependent people who are convicted of certain offences. These offences do not necessarily have to be drug-related.

There are two facilities in Hong Kong. The Hei Ling Chau Addiction Treatment Centre for men and Chi Ma Wan Drug Addiction Treatment Centre for women. People with addiction problems are detained at these centres for between 2 and 12 months, depending on the progress of the person confined there.

Attendance at these facilities is offered to offenders as an alternative to other sentences. The stated intention of compulsory rehabilitation in Hong Kong is to “prepare inmates for their reintegration into society with relapsing into drug abuse.”

This is a worthy goal, but the reality of compulsory rehabilitation is that facilities and treatment are very basic, and most of those who go through programs like these have the potential to relapse swiftly upon their release.

Voluntary Rehabilitation

There are 37 voluntary drug rehabilitation centres and halfway houses in Hong Kong, most operated by non-government organizations. While these centres typically operate a more effective program than the involuntary centres, relapse rates following treatment are high.

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      Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse in Hong Kong

      Hong Kong is also home to three distinct types of outpatient treatment for substance abuse.

      Methadone Clinics

      The Department of Health runs 21 methadone clinics where people who are addicted to opioids can receive methadone for the purposes of detoxification and maintenance. While methadone can be used effectively to reduce the physical and mental pain of withdrawal, its benefit when used for maintenance is questionable.

      Often, users stay on methadone for an extended period of time but relapse back to their preferred opioid when they attempt to stop using it. At The Cabin, we provide our clients with methadone for detoxification purposes, ensuring a much more comfortable withdrawal by means of a controlled taper under the supervision of a qualified doctor and nursing team with the latter operating round-the-clock.

      Counselling Services

      There are several counselling services within Hong Kong which offer talk therapy for people who have become dependent on substances. These places are often faith-based, and counsellors here may lack a deep understanding of how addiction is treated.

      Private Treatment

      The most effective treatments for addiction are almost always private, and this is no different in Hong Kong. Private centres like The Cabin in Hong Kong offer outpatient treatment to people with addiction problems in HK.

      We believe that The Cabin offers the most effective option for outpatient treatment to Hong Kong residents for a number of reasons. Firstly, our staff have dedicated training to treat addiction. While it is common for people with addiction to have mental health problems, effective treatment requires staff who are specifically familiar with addiction treatment.

      The Cabin also benefits from facilities that are a cut above the rest of those in Hong Kong. We understand the importance of a soothing environment when it comes to addiction treatment, and have designed our centre accordingly.

      We incorporate elements from 12-step programs and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as we find that the combination of these two modalities provides an efficacious treatment protocol.

        The Cabin Inpatient Treatment in Chiang Mai

        The Cabin Chiang MaiThere are no centres for effective inpatient treatment for substance abuse in Hong Kong, meaning Hong Kong residents must look further afield for addiction treatment. Fortunately, residents do not have to look far.

        The Cabin Addiction Treatment Centre in Chiang Mai offers Hongkongers world-class treatment for alcohol and drug addiction just a 2-and-a-half-hour plane ride from HK. Our centre offers a luxurious environment to recover from addiction without the price tag usually attached to treatment centres further afield. We have successfully treated hundreds of clients who reside in Hong Kong, so anyone considering coming for inpatient treatment is in safe hands.

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