Professional Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

The Cabin Chiang Mai offers effective and affordable alcohol rehab. Continually praised as the best treatment programme in Thailand, the purpose built residential centre is located just outside the beautiful city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and boasts world-class counsellors along with a unique, effective treatment programme.

Why Hong Kong Residents Find Effective and Affordable Treatment for Alcohol Addiction at The Cabin Hong Kong

While alcoholism in Hong Kong is not as prolific as in some Asian countries, there is no denying that the amount of alcohol-dependent individuals is on the rise. Unhealthy drinking habits, easy access to alcohol and a lack of up-to-date information on the dangers of excessive drinking are some of the main factors that contribute to this growing problem.

If your drinking has become problematic and you realise that you need help to quit, you have already taken the first step toward recovery. Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that worsens with time, so the sooner you get into treatment, the more likely your chances of success are. The Cabin Hong Kong houses experienced treatment specialists to assess your condition and help you create a plan of action to address it.

Why do Hong Kong Residents Choose The Cabin Hong Kong for Alcoholism Treatment?

Many clients who come to us are in high-profile positions, so confidentiality is very important to them. They come to The Cabin to get confidential and effective treatment, so that they can continue enjoying a successful life – both professionally and personally.

Why The Cabin Hong Kong is the Right Rehab for You

Our innovative treatment programme, Recovery Zones, which treats both substance and process addictions, has been proven to combat addiction more effectively than traditional addiction treatment methods; and is used at The Cabin Addiction Services’ centres worldwide.

A Highly Skilled Team at Your Service

Our programme is administered by a carefully selected team of psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed addiction counsellors with many years of experience in treating the disease. Many are also in recovery themselves – their firsthand understanding of addiction ensures you that they will be able to anticipate any problems that you may encounter and guide you knowledgeably through each one of them.

Convenience and accessibility at The Cabin Hong Kong

The Cabin HK specialises in providing world-class, effective addiction treatment in a discreet and confidential outpatient rehab setting. We are located right in the heart of the bustling business hub of Central, a two-minute stroll from the Central MRT station. As many of our clients have full-time jobs and other pressing personal commitments, we have designed our treatment services to be flexible and fit into their lifestyles.

What to Expect During Alcohol Addiction Treatment

All cases of alcohol addiction are different and thus treatment must be designed for each individual. However, in most cases, clients will begin treatment at The Cabin Hong Kong with one private counselling session and 2-3 group counselling sessions per week. Depending on how well the treatment is received, our qualified counsellors will decrease or increase weekly sessions for a period of anywhere from 6-8 weeks to 6 months.

One of the main benefits of outpatient alcohol addiction treatment is that our clients are still able to live at home and are free to maintain both work and personal responsibilities during treatment. In the case, however, that a client is too far into their addiction disabling them from keeping up with regular day-to-day duties and responsibilities, or they simply prefer an inpatient setting, we offer fast-tracked enrollment to our residential alcohol rehab centre, The Cabin Chiang Mai – the top alcohol rehab centre in Thailand.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Alcohol addiction treatment in an outpatient setting is definitely your most cost-effective option. However, it is important to remember that getting proper treatment is often a life-or-death situation, and cost should not be your number one decision-maker when it comes to choosing a treatment facility. As they say, you often get what you pay for. That is why it is so important to choose an alcohol addiction treatment facility that has a high success rate and that you or your loved one feel comfortable working with.

Is Alcohol Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance?

In many cases, treatment for alcoholism is covered by insurance. To find out if your particular insurance is accepted, you must contact us with the details of your insurance plan. One of our administration staff members will be able to tell you if your plan is accepted.

Is Alcohol Rehab Confidential?

Absolutely! Our clients’ privacy is of utmost importance to us at all of our locations. All of your personal information including all aspects of treatment will be kept strictly confidential.



The Cabin Residential Rehab

The Cabin Residential RehabSome clients require a more intensive level of care, in which case a counsellor will recommend inpatient treatment at our sister facility. The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxurious, resort-style facility that is easily reached via direct flight from Hong Kong. Apart from a highly experienced and licensed team of Western counsellors and psychologists, it is staffed with a 24-hour medical team of nurses and doctors to closely monitor clients who require medical supervision. Personal fitness is a major part of the daily programme here, along with more in depth focus on mindfulness practices. World-renowned Thai hospitality and excellent service complement the highly successful alcoholism treatment programme that documents a 96% completion rate.

Getting started

Time is of the essence when it comes to seeking treatment for alcohol or any addiction. As addiction is a chronic disease, it will only get worse over time without treatment. That is why it is so incredibly important to seek help at the very first signs of addiction.

If you or your loved one are showing signs of addiction, contact us to see how we can get you or your loved one back on a path towards a long, happy and fulfilling life.

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