In Hong Kong, more than one ton of Ketamine has been seized over the past two years; when officials traced the drugs origins, it led them to back to India. Ketamine or ‘K-Jai’ in Hong Kong is the city’s ‘go to’ drug. It is found throughout the city, but is most popular in dance clubs. Officials are especially concerned about the youth; even individuals as young as 14 have been found experimenting with the powerful drug. In 2003, government statistics said that 73 percent of drug users under the age of 21 had tried Ketamine. Apart from India, China also has Ketamine manufacturers. People in Hong Kong are known to cross the border and purchase Ketamine inside China and bring it back across the border.


Officials say that it is incredibly difficult to track Ketamine use; this is mainly because of the availability and regulations. Hong Kong has made stricter laws on Ketamine possession and use, but there is still a long way to go and the users are not slowing down. Rehabilitation options in Hong Kong are available, but many are government ran and lack privacy. This is making many addicts look elsewhere for treatment; such as, Thailand.

Ketamine Use in the Philippines

The Philippines was once known for its heavy use of methamphetamine or ‘Shabu’. However, with heavy crackdowns on meth and stricter laws, people are now turning to Ketamine. Experts suggest that the drug has dramatically increased in popularity because it is not classified as a dangerous drug; meaning it is not illegal. A large of amount of Ketamine powder is smuggled into the Philippines from India each year. Although, many smugglers import Ketamine hydrochloride, usually from India, and cook the liquid into powder once it has arrived in the country. Because Ketamine is relatively new to the Philippines, there is not much information available, but officials say it is a cause for concern and there needs to be more research.

The Philippine government is aware of the growing problem of Ketamine use and is working diligently to devise a plan to decrease the use before it gets out of control. There are rehabilitation options in the Philippines, but out of lack of quality, high relapse rates, and privacy concerns, some individuals choose to send their loved ones out of the country to Thailand.

A Growing Concern for the World

Ketamine use is a growing concern not just in Asia, but throughout the world. Going off of available statistics and information, it appears as though the youth is especially vulnerable to Ketamine and addiction to the drug. Governments across Asia and the rest of the world recognise the Ketamine problems and are working on fixing them, but this takes time. This is why it is important for parents and educators to teach adolescents and young adults about Ketamine and the dangerous affects that the drug has.

We Can Help You Overcome Ketamine Addiction 

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